More Than a Rock Catcher

Changing your air filter every 30 days is a thing of the past.

Blue fiberglass filters, which we call “rock catchers” because of the lack of filtration they provide, are very common.  However they do little to help keep your equipment clean, much less the air you are breathing.  


Step up to a once (sometimes twice) a year filter for your heat pump, air conditioner or furnace.  These filter are 4-5” thick, pleated, and made of a web of fibers that offer a MERV rating starting at 11.  The industry uses the MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) rating for rating the overall effectiveness of a filter. 

A MERV 11 filter is a great choice for keeping the indoor coil clean and running at its original efficiency.  Simmons in Chesapeake, VA believe in them so much we try and put one standard on every job we do.  In most cases these filters require a special cabinet be installed that is about 7” thick and located at the air handler or furnace. 

If someone in your family suffers from allergies, a MERV 16 filter may help as it removes particles .30 – 1 pm in size and removes most tobacco smoke.  Hospitals also use MERV 16 filters in general surgery rooms.  I was in a class a couple of years ago and the presenter simplified the MERV rating to this:

MERV 2-3:  1” fiberglass filters

MERV 4:  your nose

MERV 11:  protects the equipment

MERV 16:  protects your health

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